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Can you fly to Beirut tomorrow?!

I love a self tape audition. It basically means you only need to dress from the waist up.

I've got my little setup- a laptop balancing precariously on a tripod, which is completely ridiculous considering how many cameras I own. But it's quick and easy and it works.

I get my script up on the notes app, enlarge the font.

Open the Photo Booth app that all the kids continuously play with at every Apple Store I've ever been in.

And then let loose- just a normal guy talking to his laptop in his bedroom, trying to sound breezy, but not as breezy as my lower half.

Well, this time it worked out. Self Taped on Friday, flew to Beirut on Monday. As always with international jobs, I wangled a few extra days and packed my camera bags, knowing that somewhere along the line I'd meet someone special and make a film about them.

Welcomed on my first morning by a flamboyant moustache wielding chap in a 1964 bright yellow Beetle, I knew this commercial was gonna be a good'un.

We cruised the streets with my new friend Bishara, the shoot's stylist, giving me the full tour and history of the beautiful town. At this point, even after 5 minutes, I knew he was going to become the subject of the short doc once I had wrapped on the commercial.

(See more on this film on my filmmaking page)

Sporting a banging red suit (I came home with it so watch out London) I was the gameshow host of a car rental company commercial.

Big sets and cool cars.

Money grabbing booths similar to Crystal Maze.

Weird people sporting giant eyeballs for heads.

Advertising is a funny ol world.

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