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Underwater Warriors

An excellent week for new friends, creatives and collaborators!

During last month's shoot for Lily's Kitchen, I met the lovely photographer Jo-Anna Rohmann. She was assisting Steve Hoskins on the day, however I heard she had a keen interest and experience in underwater photography.

I'm a keen surfer, and am always shooting films and photos. I offered to help on her next shoot, as crew or as talent, whatever she needed, so I could get the chance to see what kit she uses. I want to be able to get in the water with the surfers with a better camera that just my GoPro, and for that to be my Sony, it will need a specialist underwater housing.

Lo and behold, within a month Jo-Anna had recruited me to play a warrior in a new portrait project she is working on. Wearing a kilt, homemade sporran, and brandishing an axe, I sunk to the bottom of Hampstead Heath's Lido, thanks to a weighted belt.

It was an exciting, tiring, and pretty chilly shoot, but the results are well worth it. Can't wait to see the finished edits...

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