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Whistle down the Wind

Well, the time has come. I'm actually doing it.

Today I set myself the challenge to one day, no matter how long it takes me to achieve, against all odds, book myself a whistling job.

Yeah, whistling. I whistle. All day, every day. And I'm not all that bad.

So why not cash in on it? Who did the McDonalds jingle? Or that one from the Scottish Gas ads? Not me, not yet anyway. But that will all change.

Thanks to the recording skills of the talented Joseph Alexander, composer and arranger for commercial campaigns such as TK Maxx, Nespresso and Nurofen, I now have laid down a handful of sweet sweet hot air tracks.

They will be sent to advertisers, composers, jingle merchants- anyone with the power to incorporate me in to their projects.

It's exciting and feels a little stupid, but the best ideas usually do.

Check out my whistling page where you can and hear my tuuunes


#whistling #music #composing #composition #challenge #silly #funny #dreams #money #perform #instruments

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