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TV dramas & Spanish Stunt Horses

Hi video lovers! Roddy here. Last year I spent a little while in Spain as an actor on the period drama "Reinas" (If you're in Spain then tune in to rtve.es1 on Tuesdays)

At the start of the process I was given an awesome horse riding lesson by Ricardo Cruz, director of Stunt 3G. The next week I heard that some of my fellow cast members were heading back for their lesson, so I grabbed my camera and jumped in the wagon for the hour long drive in to the wilderness.

I shot like crazy for their two hour lesson, trying to get as much as I could and be in as many places as possible within the time frame. Plenty of sunburn and sweat. Ricardo very kindly allowed me to briefly interview him and showed off some of his stunt horses and their tricks.

Thank you to everyone involved- to Ricardo, to my amazing translator Viveka (Mary Seton), to the excellent actors on the day, and in fact the entire cast, crew and production team behind the wonderment that is Reinas.

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