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Shooting the surf in Sagres, Portugal
I started filming and editing as a teenager.
Little holiday snowboarding videos, comedy sketches and silly short films with my buddies.  
They laid the foundation for what has evolved in to my main passion in life- video production.
Las Vegas, 2014
"Finding Focus"
Mexico, 2014
"Lighter than Air"
(Spanish Foreign)
Madrid, 2016
"The Reigns of Reinas"
(Spanish Foreign)
Morocco, 2016
"Mohamed, The Moroccan Tyre Man"
(French Foreign)
London, 2013
"Bridge the Gap"
New York, 2015
"What's Happenin"
(Music Video)
London, 2014
I've made a fair few films over the years. Most of them have been whilst travelling in other countries and meeting some remarkable people that I just couldn't resist filming and interviewing.  
My first real step to becoming a self-shooting documentary filmmaker came in 2014.
I travelled for 6 weeks across America. Completely unplanned, within the first week I had set myself the goal to make a short film in every city I visited, shooting and editing and releasing them online as I went.
I made six films in seven weeks, two of them in Spanish, my first ever foreign language films.
I had such limited kit- a very basic DSLR, an iphone as my mic, not even a tripod- I remember for one film in LA I had to make do with a very high stack of books.
I loved that trip. It gave me purpose and honed my focus towards what would turn in to a career.
Now things have grown in to my first business, We specialise in shooting all types of events and conferences, however have been involved in some excellent promotional, commercial and documentary projects along the way.
Running is my full time gig, and it takes a lot of work and motivation to keep it going strong. I never studied business, or filmmaking for that matter, so have had to be resourceful and patient in learning everything I know.  
It is my love, my compulsive passion, and even if it may one day kill me, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Feel free to check out the official site here, more links to many more films can be found on our Vimeo channel.
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